söndag 23 maj 2010

Second Pride Festival 2010

Nu på lördag 29/5 startar Second Pride Festival 2010 och pågår fram till söndag 6/6. Årets tema är Venedig och en massa events kommer äga rum under dessa nio dagar på sex simmar, bla en stor parad på öppningsdagen.

Kontakta Bock McMillan eller mig för att få en guide till årets Second Pride Festival.

Bakom festivalen står Second Pride:

Second Pride is a non-profit organization formed in Second Life to bring the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgendered) Community together and raise awareness to the issues our community faces each day. The concept and idea is similar to the well known Gay Pride CELEBRATIONS around the world. But this event does not concern people joining together anywhere in the real world, but in the virtual world of Second Life®, created by Linden Lab™.

As of Jan 20, 2009, Linden Lab lists its total residents at 16,785,351, with users logging in from practically every modern country in the world. It is said that 10% of the RL population is of the LGBTQ community. In SL, that would equate to 1,678,535 users who are either L G B T or Q. Second Pride 2010 is tasked with bringing as many members of our community together to show our unity and educate the uneducated about LGBT rights. In 2009, Second Pride raised L$1,873,624 for the charity organization Amnesty International and their "Outfront" project. Amnesty International is not just a RL charity organization, but an organization that also has a presence in SL. Amnesty International fights for human rights around the world and spreads awareness around the virtual world.

In 2010, Second Pride is not just going to be a week long pride celebration, but a year long celebration. Every month, Second Pride will be hosting fund raisers at various venues, bringing our community together and raising money for our chosen charity organization. This year, Second Pride is pleased to partner with the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission to raise money to continue the fight for our rights. To continue educating the uneducated. To bring equality to us all!

But....Second Pride would not be possible without our members (YOU), our sponsors, vendors, ambassadors and our elected Chair's. Through simple donations, Second Pride is able to make an impact on a global basis.

Our most important link is our website:

Please pay us a visit and get involved with pride!


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