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Millis Music Magazine with Mantis Oh

Cari Lekebusch is a well known music producer and DJ in RL in the genre techno. He´s using many pseudonyms when he is working. One of them is Mantis Oh and you can meet him in SL, there he´s having some interesting projects in both art and music. It´s always a pleasure to listen to Mantis Oh, he always give you the best tunes.

You can read more about Cari/Mantis and listening to his music at these websites:

You can join the SL group HYBRID PRODUCTIONS to find out when and where in SL Mantis Oh is doing his gigs.

How would you describe your music, what style is it?
Good question but hard to answer, since all people have their own definitions when describing music genres. So keeping it simple is probably preffered. I would call it dance music generated with electronic instruments. Techno is nowadays a large genre with many sub genres, but I preffer to use just the genre title Techno.

How long have you been doing music?
Around 25 years - but really pretty much all my life, starting out very young growing a fascination with sound gadgets and music. Was also exposed to instruments and equipments at an infant age allready :) And professionally since right after I finished school, where I studied buisness and economics. That would help me maintaining my own label, on the buisness side of it anyways :)

Are you writing your own songs?
Yes most of the time, but I also love colaborating with other artists. Mainly i work with instrumental music, but occassionally I do write text for vocals and also perform the vocals myself besides working with vocalists. A goal of mine is always to try and do as much yourself - it creates a more coherant, uniform production. And I like to explore and learn about all aspects of music and audio creation.

If you do, what comes first when writing your songs, the lyrics or the music?
If its not instrumental, then mostly the lyrics come first. Since they usually set a very specific type of mood. So it makes more sense to adapt the music towards the lyrical content and preformance. Otherwise you'll end up changing the music a lot after the vocals are recorded.

Where do you find the inspiration for your music?
Much of it from nature and life in general. I like to study nature and also various architecture during my travels around the globe. Also much inspiration derives from all the live performances, that give me tons of ideas. Performing music and creating it goes hand in hand for sure :)

Who are your role models in music?
Hmm good one LOL I actually never really had any rolemodels in music. BUT musically I had plenty of childhood heroes that inspired me to start and make something seriously out of it. To name a few * Chris The Glove Taylor * Mantronix * Kraftwerk * Man Parrish * Jonzun Crew * and many more 

How long have you played in SL? 
I started Mantis Oh march 2007 if I remember right, and try to do at least 5-6 live gigs in SL each year. Mainly been making my own events toghether with my friends and partners. But I´ve also performed at many of the classic Techno clubs around SL, like Trash Palace, Cube, The Box, Monomat, PicoPico, Area 54 ....

What is the difference between playing in SL compared to RL?
There are many simmilarities and only few minor differences =) You get text based feedback from the audience while playing and looking at the SL screen :) Thats something not yet possible at RL events. Techno is off course different in RL, since its designed to be experienced - not "listened" to. But the lack of bass, light fxs and people inside your livingroom is actually something you can fix - So its possible to make it "RL" in that sense - I love the idea of a homeparty with SL screen and huge sound system - and a webcam connection RL/SL and/or maybe what not =D

Why did you join SL? Was it because of your music-making or something else?
I wanted to have a proper look if SL had anything to offer for my label H-Productions. If it could be used for a beacon platform - which it proved it could. In a small scale but large enough to pursue. Have the feeling that platforms like this will be a much larger part of the future so its great to gather knowledge and experience. Always been into computer animated grafix, games and stuff besides music, and I do use a lot of computers in my audio production. SL is a nice way to get to know some of the basic things needed for computer game production, which is something I might pursue in the future.

Which is your favorite venue to play in? Which is your favorite song to perform?
In SL mainly on the events I throw toghether with friends, but theres been a few nice charity events I performed at also. I have a fave club in each major city around the globe. Sometimes they change of course but some of the coolest ones are: Berghain Berlin, Ageha Tokyo, Awakenings Amsterdam, Fabric London. And in the summer there are way to many cool festivals to mention on one page =D Most music I perform is my own, and I would get sick of it performing same song year after year. So the favourite song is always the latest song made LOL You are never fully satisfied, but that drives you to make another song that you can improve with the new ideas derived from the one that came before.

Do you remember your first SL gig? Please, tell us about it.
Not 100% sure were it was but perhaps at the Trash Palace. It was great in all ways, lots of people, mad chats, gestures, sim crashes, chaos and joy LOL ... and made me pursue SL more to see in what ways I could use it to promote my label, and in general have fun play =D

What are your plans for the future in SL?
I will try to maintain a small island headquarters as a beacon for my RL label and promote it. Right now I also have the LEA sim* running and after that period is done I will start planning on something else. But atm its to early to say exactly what it will look like :) Mainly what I feel makes fun will dictate what gets done in SL LOL

Thank you Mantis Oh for answering my questions and the best of luck with your musical career in both RL and SL.

I picked out two videos from youtube that for me are two great example of Cari/Mantis music. Listen and enjoy!

*The LEA-sim that Mantis is talking about is Ascension and here is a video about it:

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