söndag 6 februari 2011

Millis Music Magazine with Nnoiz Papp

It is almost a year ago since Apmel took me to listen to Nnoiz Papp, but it was not until the concert number two I really got hooked on his music. Nnoiz plays an exciting mix of funk, electronica and world music with a lot of different sound elements in his songs and it sounds like nothing else I've heard. Apmel have written about him several times on his blog.

The man behind Nnoiz Papp lives in Germany and is a musician and a form of sound artist. His music and work is on his websites http://www.nnoiz.com/ and http://www.krachmaschinen.de/ . Nnoiz also has his own sim there he has built it all by himself and there is the opportunity to experiment with music and sounds. He says that everyone is welcome to his "papp-o-phonia island".

How would you describe your music, what style is it?
I´m playing in different styles. Mostly I play modern grooves with oriental elements. I also play experimental concerts with dark ambient sounds. In this concerts I play with inworld sound elements. I have programmed some audio objects for this.

How long have you been doing music?
Very long ....;-) Starting in the age of 8 with piano, then with 13 I began to play oboe and guitar.

Are you writing your own songs?
Yes, I only play own stuff.

If you do, what comes first when writing your songs, the lyrics or the music?
I perfom instrumental music only.

Where do you find the inspiration for your music?
I listen to very different music. Much barock music (Bach), many ethno music, much oriental music, funk music, and progressive metal.

Who are your role models in music?
Many, many....some are:
for synthesizer playing: George Duke
polyphonic composition: Bach
oboe playing: Albrecht Mayer
funky: Herbie Hancock
metal: Meshuggah, Gojira
arabic voices: Amira Said
ambient music: Brian Eno

How long have you played in SL?
Since 2,5 years.

Do you also play in RL?
Yes. I´m playing in a silent music group named TRIOGLYZERIN.

What is the difference between playing in SL compared to RL?
I have no dress code at home ;-) Its possible for me to have all instruments available, thats not possible on stage in RL, or much work.

Why did you join SL? Was it because of your music-making or something else?
I did´nt want to make music at all. I wanted to have a furniture shop or something, or a garden shop ;-) I started with building and sculpturing. I had many textures done in other 3d programs. so I had to tranfer them to SL. I like the interactivity in SL. You can build something and others are looking to it in the same time, thats great, or you can build together with others.

Which is your favorite venue to play in? Which is your favorite song to perform?
I have no special venue. I like it to play underwater....nice concerts I had a Bryn OH´s places.

Do you remember your first SL gig? Please, tell us about it.
Yes, I remember. I was completely tired after it. Its hard to concentrate to play music with all this other tools. This was new for me. It is necessary to be able to multitask....

What are your plans for the future in SL?
I want to promote my music better. I´m starting to play my music at japanese SIM´s this month.

Nnoiz wants to show the readers two videos from Youtube with his music. Listen and enjoy:

Thank you Nnoiz for answering my questions and the best of luck with your musical career in SL/RL.

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  1. Tumme upp! Nej tre tummar upp!:-)

    /Tina (PG)

  2. Hur visste man nåt om musikartisterna i SL före Milli's Music Magazine?

  3. Milli, det är så kul att läsa... lägger till en kvalitet till sl!