söndag 20 februari 2011

Millis Music Magazine with Strum Diesel

Thanks to my good friend Bock McMillan, I have been to several concerts with Strum Diesel in SL. Strum is a very talented musician (guitarr and piano) with a very nice voice and amazing songs.

(Picture from bocksl.blogspot.com)

Sean Kagalis is Strums RL-name and he has a website. I think you should take a look there to read more about him and listen to his music. On his website you can find his gig calendar for SL. You can also read about Strum Diesel in Bocks blog.

How would you describe your music, what style is it?
Folk rock with dashes of funk, soul and punk.

How long have you been doing music?
20 years.

Are you writing your own songs?

If you do, what comes first when writing your songs, the lyrics or the music?
Usually both gradually at once.

Where do you find the inspiration for your music?
Everywhere... but mainly from our need to examine ourselves.

Who are your role models in music?
Ani Difranco, Conor Oberst, Kiss.

How long have you played in SL?
2 1/2 years.

Do you also play in RL?
Not as much as I used to.

What is the difference between playing in SL compared to RL?
I like the fact that I can hear what I'm singing when I play in SL... RL places can be noisey and rude.

Why did you join SL? Was it because of your music-making or something else? ´
The music.

Which is your favorite venue to play in? Which is your favorite song to perform?
My favorite venue would have to be my very own, Lucky. I like to sing 'Hocus Pocus'.

Do you remember your first SL gig? Please, tell us about it.
It was at The Kissing Booth... my sound wasn't the greatest but I made a good impression... It was VERY fun.

What are your plans for the future in SL?
I'm going to keep going, it's great.

This time it is a fan who has chosen music videos from Youtube. Thanks Bock, a real Strumboli!

Thanks Strum for answering my questions and the best of luck with your musical career in SL/RL.

3 kommentarer:

  1. One of the best musicians in SL for sure!

  2. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAW, Strum is always up in my head and in my heart! Whenever I feel low he makes me happy and if I am happy he makes me even happier!

    I love listening to Strum anytime. The fact that he is both cute and has a warm and kindhearted personality just adds to it!

    I am so happy that two wonderful men like Strum and Stirred Diesel are my friends in SecondLife!

  3. Danke! Sean (strum)