söndag 10 april 2011

En cool installation

Häromdagen hamnade jag på Musei di Roma Capitale. Där kan man se Merlino Mayos installation "Naturae". Man får teleporta sig till fem plan för att se hela verket. Utan att ha läst vad den handlade om så tyckte jag den var cool och intressant med sina figurer som verkar sträva eller kämpa efter något.

I notecardet som finns på landningsplatsen står det att läsa följande om konstverket:


"Naturae" literally means "of Nature", born out of the root 'natus'. Nature, the creative force, is also the forgotten matrix source, and is a system of natural laws which determine and control the entire universe and all of its elements and living beings.

Because of man being blinded by his technological prowess, this has now fallen into oblivion and become a shadow of the past but which now resurfaces unexpectantly from this hidden immortal line of continuity.

In this installation, Merlino Mayo follows this theme of Man having turned away from this integral part of himself and who now turns and is again confronted by it. A meeting with Lex Naturae, with this shadow part, still ever present in our DNA (internal) and our environmental domain (outdoor), and that, as a latent virus, re-emerges in a disturbing way.

The path of "Naturae" starts with a solid and impressive sculptures such as: Life's Lines - (Life Line), huge Ley Lines, etc. calling upon the visitor through a more active exploration into a dialogue with our existing environment and the surrounding seas, rocks and light.

Then at a higher altitude the installation changes through different levels within this enormous dream and the visitor will be overwhelmed by these elements in a purely symbolic, metaphysical, surreal and free exploration, where we can allow ourselves be safely and pleasantly lost.

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  1. Det är en av många installationer jag har på min lista att se. Nu ska jag se på formel ett!