söndag 10 april 2011

Millis Music Magazine with junivers Stockholm

Now it´s time to restart Millis Music Magazine and publish a new interview and this time its a swede who is in focus. His name is junivers Stockholm and he is an excellent guitarplayer/musician. I have seen Junivers several times performing at swedish events and I have always got hooked by his music.

For more information about junivers Stockholm and for listen to his music, please check out these websites: Myspace, Youtube, Livestream and The Sixtyone.

How would you describe your music, what style is it?
I love a lot of styles and in a personal way I hope my music reflects that.

How long have you been doing music?
Since I started to play. Thats quite a lot years now :)

Are you writing your own songs?
I do all my songs. Sometimes i collaborate. Medora Chevalier writes some of my lyrics. Josina Burgess writes some lyrics too for my songs and she also did some melody for me. I did a tune together with Jana Kyomoon. I also did a lot of live improvisations with a lot of SL musicians using the software Ninjam. Al Hofmann, Way Sands and I made some live performance using Ninjam.

If you do, what comes first when writing your songs, the lyrics or the music?
Mostly music comes first. But I´m open when the inspiration hits me :)

Where do you find the inspiration for your music?
It can be anything actually.

Who are your role models in music?
Any musician that works for a better planet.

How long have you played in SL?
I started to play on SL instruments (Hyper instruments by Robbie Dingo). A lot of people came to jams they could participate in. I started to do that 4 years ago. I have been streaming in SL about 3 years now.

Do you also play in RL? What is the difference between playing in SL compared to RL?
I very seldom perform in RL. I would like to :) Cant really tell what I think is different.

Why did you join SL? Was it because of your music-making or something else?
I´m interested in tech development. After have seen a tv program about virtual worlds I tried it and got hooked. Now I´m staying because there are so many great people and artist that I collaborate with. Its both music, shows and awareness work we do.

Which is your favorite venue to play in? Which is your favorite song to perform?
I´ve been in some great shows. No venue can compare with being in a show with lots of change of scenery. The lightshow "Follow the Light" is also great to be in and that stage has been built in many places in SL. Some venues are focusing on spreading awareness, like Four Bridges Project, and I do prefere to play at such venues.

What are your plans for the future in SL?
Hm.. there always new things, new challenges to meet. Right now we´re working on a new lightshow, but also a new show, the Change, with the fabulous art group CARP.

I picked out two videos from youtube that for me sums up junivers music in a good way. Listen and enjoy!

Thanks to junivers for answering my questions and the best luck with your musical career in both SL and RL.

(The pictures in this interview are taken by Tim Deschanel and are from flickr.com.)

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