söndag 17 april 2011

Reverie at Originalia: RAG Randt

Jag föll pladask för RAGs glada och humoristiska bilder som visar hunden ALs äventyr.

I ett notecard berättas det följande om RAGs utställning Dog Dreams - the Second Life of AL: RAG Randt has a new show of work at Originalia, Amase Levasseurs exciting new gallery and sim. RAG's new work started from an unpublished children's book he wrote called the 'The ABCs of AL". RAG had submited the completed manuscript and drawings to numerous publishers to no avail. The book went into the archives. When Amase booked RAG for the show, he thought it would be a fun exercise to deconstruct the characters and drawings from the book into new Second Life 3D constructions. The result is a series of art boxes incorporating rl and sl textures, scripting and particles proving that there is life after RL rejection! To view the book please goto: http://www.ragmedia.com/abcs_of_al.pdf

Till RAG Randts utställning

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